Chinese silk on show in Tel Aviv

Updated: 2018-03-19 14:33

Silk fashion garments on display at "In Praise of Silk, Fashion with Tradition in China" at the Chinese Cultural Center in Tel Aviv. [Photo/]

On March 13, the opening ceremony of a silk fashion exhibition — In Praise of Silk, Fashion with Tradition in China — was held at the Chinese Cultural Center in Tel Aviv, Israel, to officially wrap up the country's "2018 Happy Chinese New Year" celebrations.

Zhan Yongxin, Chinese ambassador to Israel, and many Chinese and Israeli officials attended the event, along with nearly 100 guests.

The exhibition, running through March 25, displays 27 silk garments carefully selected by the China National Silk Museum and the cultural center.

In a perfect fusion of tradition with fashion, the exhibit showcases the exquisite silk weaving techniques from ancient China, as well as the inheritance of this intangible cultural heritage in modern society.

Zhan addressed the ceremony, saying the event is an important part of the center's cultural program in 2018. Cooperating with East China's Zhejiang province, home to Chinese silk, the cultural center held this silk-themed exhibition to add some color to Sino-Israeli cultural exchanges.

In 2009, Kesi, a technique in Chinese silk tapestry that weaves intricate pictures onto silk, was given Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity status by UNESCO.

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