Updated:2015-02-17 10:13
(China Cultural Center)


The China Cultural Center in Bangkok, capital of Thailand, is the first of its kind established by China in Southeast Asia. The center is located on Wenhua Road, Hui Huang District, Bangkok, with the Thai National Culture Center on its right side. The center serves as a base to promote Chinese culture, a platform for cooperation and cultural exchanges, and a bridge of friendship between the two countries.

The center covers a total area of 8,222 square meters and a building area of 7,900 square meters. It is the largest cultural center built overseas by China. The overall construction of the center features a blend of Thai and Chinese classical architectural language, using both Chinese column beams and Thai temple styles.


The China Cultural Center in Bangkok is equipped with an exhibition hall, theatre, classroom, library and restaurant. All kinds of services will be provided for the local people to learn more about Chinese culture.

The exhibition hall is 3.8 meters high, covering an area of 288 square meters with a display area running 110 meters long; where exhibitions of calligraphy and painting, photography and objects of small and medium size are held.

The stage of the theatre is ten meters in depth, 20 meters in width and 4.8 meters in height, equipped with specialized stage lighting, sound and projection equipment. The theatre boasts 317 seats. Performances, movie showings and conferences are held at the theatre.

In the teaching and training area, a total of seven classrooms are available for members to take courses on Chinese language, calligraphy, painting, dance and music, martial arts and tea arts, as well as traditional Chinese medicine. Among classrooms, the dance studio covers 140 square meters; the other six rooms each cover 56 square meters.

The library covers an area of 470 square meters, with a capacity of 40,000 books. It is an open library where prints, multimedia readings and information services are provided.

Banquets and demonstrations of Chinese cuisine classes are held in the restaurant, which covers 95 square meters. The restaurant also has 14 VIP rooms.

The center also boasts an underground parking lot that can hold 40 automobiles. In addition, an open-air square of over 1,000 square meters is available for visitors and members to take part in outdoor activities and cultural exhibitions.


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