Exhibition shows charm of Jiangsu to Australians

Updated: 2021-01-15 10:53
( Xinhua )

There is a popular saying in China: "Above there is heaven; below there is Suzhou and Hangzhou." An online photo exhibition titled Charm of Jiangsu went on display in Australia, highlighting the unique beauty and culture of the land of fish and rice.

"Jiangsu is a cultural province and one of the most economically developed regions in China," director of the China Cultural Center in Sydney, Xiao Xiayong, says. "There is a lot of cultural and natural heritage as well as contemporary art and culture worth displaying."

The ongoing exhibition features 45 photographs, showcasing the natural scenery, intangible cultural heritage projects, traditional villages and delicacies of Jiangsu province in East China.

The Australian audiences can get a closer look at the province's world heritage sites, including the Suzhou Classical Garden, Ming Xiaoling Tomb and the Grand Canal.

In 2021, the Cultural and Tourism Year of Jiangsu, the center in Sydney will cooperate with the province to bring a series of online and offline cultural and tourism activities throughout the year.

"China is a vast land with abundant resources," Xiao says. "So we cooperate with different provinces and cities each year to introduce the regional culture and tourism resources in a deep and concentrated way."