Art exhibition of Dream of the Red Chamber opens in the Netherlands

Updated: 2022-04-09 15:01
( China Daily )


An artistic exhibition featuring Dream of the Red Chamber, an epic masterpiece in Chinese literature, was launched on March 31 at the China Cultural Center in The Hague, the Netherlands.

The exhibition, entitled An Artistic Dream of the Red Chamber, brought together Chinese and foreign translations of the Chinese classic novel as well as related calligraphy, painting and audiovisual works.

Co-hosted by the China Cultural Center in The Hague and the Art Exhibitions China, the exhibition is divided into three main sections, namely The Literature of the Red Chamber, The Artworks of the Red Chamber, and The Limelight of the Red Chamber.

Chinese Ambassador to the Netherlands Tan Jian and Chairman of the Netherlands China Association Henk Kool were among the guests attending the event.

Strolling along a winding corridor in the exhibition hall, the audience can browse Chinese, English, French, Dutch and other language versions of Dream of the Red Chamber, appreciate exquisite paintings or watch video clips adapted from original movies and TV series.

Among the many exhibits is the first full Dutch version of the novel, which was completed by three Dutch Sinologists and translators following 13 years of arduous work.

Published in November 2021, the 2,160-page, four-volume book includes all 120 chapters of the original Chinese epic novel. It has seen a long-lasting partnership between Silvia Marijnissen, Mark Leenhouts and Anne Sytske Keijser.

Keijser, who traveled from Leiden to attend the opening ceremony, told Xinhua that like the other two translators, she devoted herself to the translation work out of her love for Dream of the Red Chamber.

She recalled that she came into contact with the Chinese language by chance during college years. Deeply attracted by the rich and colorful Chinese history and culture, Keijser has since then immersed herself into the study, research and dissemination of the Chinese language and culture.

The exhibition will last until June 24, during which several themed workshops featuring poetry appreciation and delicacies will be held.