• Phnom Penh2017-01-05
    The Phnom Penh China Cultural Center was inaugurated by President Xi Jinping and Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen on October 13, 2016, during Xi's visit to Cambodia, in order to boost cultural exchanges between the two nations.
  • Stockholm2017-01-05
    The China Cultural Center in Stockholm was inaugurated on September 1, 2016, to introduce Chinese culture and arts to Swedish people and enhance cultural exchanges between the two countries.
  • Cairo2015-02-17
    The China Cultural Center in Cairo is the first large-scale culture center set up at overseas by the Chinese Government in the 21 century.
  • Benin2015-02-17
    Established on September 27, 1988, the Chinese Cultural Center in Benin is located at the Avenue Jean-Paul II in Cotonou City, with a floor space of 4,062 square meters.
  • Mauritius2015-02-17
    The China Cultural Center in Mauritius is a group of buildings in traditional Chinese style. First erected in 1988 and rebuilt in 2008, it is the first cultural center set up overseas by the Chinese Government.
  • Paris2015-02-17
    Inaugurated on November 29, 2002, the China Cultural Center in Paris is the first of its kind in a western country.
  • Malta2015-02-17
    The China Cultural Center in Malta was established based on the agreement reached by the presidents of both countries in July, 2001. It was inaugurated on September 19, 2003.
  • Berlin2015-02-17
    The China Cultural Center in Berlin, established under the auspices of the People’s Republic of China, is the third of its kind it Europe, after one in Paris, France, and another in Malta.
  • Seoul2015-02-17
    The China Cultural Center in Seoul was inaugurated in December 2004. It is the sixth of its kind established overseas.
  • Tokyo2015-02-17
    The China Cultural Center in Tokyo was inaugurated On Dec. 14, 2009. It is the second China Cultural Center in Asia.
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